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October 1 2017 Code Change Log

Dear Eldridge Contractor,

Eldridge recently joined all other Iowa Quad Cities jurisdictions in adopting the 2015 International Code Series, The 2015 Iowa Plumbing Code and the 2014 National Electric Code. Eldridge, Bettendorf, Davenport and Scott County worked to increase the similarity of codes across jurisdictional lines and to reduce the number of changes resulting in increased costs. Numbers in parenthesis reference the 2015 International Residential Code unless otherwise specified. It is the responsibility of persons performing the work to meet minimum requirements. (R105.8) Inspections or approvals presuming to give authority for a violation or cancelling of the provisions of the codes shall not be valid. (R110.1) We are providing this information in the hope it will avoid costly corrections for the great contractors helping our city grow. The following comments are provided:

  1. The City of Eldridge is now an MS4 under the storm water pollution prevention requirements in the State of Iowa. Individual Site Best Management Practices must be used to ensure compliance. Submittals shall include BMP’s on the construction site plan and shall be maintained until project completion.  An excellent guide can be found here:

  2. Copper is no longer required from the stop box to the house for the water service. Any listed materials may be used provided manufacturers installation requirements are met. Be aware some PEX manufacturers require a sand or gravel base and backfill!! (Iowa Plumbing Code and PEX manufacturers installation guides)  

  3. Construction Dumpsters cannot be placed in the Right-of-Way. (City Policy)

  4. A water meter must be installed prior to pressurizing the domestic water lines. (City Requirement) 

  5. Thresholds shall be no higher than 1.5”. The maximum height from the exterior landing or step to the top of the threshold shall be no greater than 7 ¾”. (311.3.1 Exception)

  6. Exterior doors (other than required egress door and door to garage) must have a landing within 3 risers of the door threshold. NOTE: This is for the City of Eldridge ONLY. Un-amended, the code requires a landing within 2 steps. All other jurisdictions adopted the code as written. If the door swings over the steps, the landing must be within 7 ¾ inches. (311.3.1 exception)

  7. Outlets for dishwashers and disposals now require GFCI protection.

  8. Arc Fault protected circuits are required in Kitchens, family rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, parlors, libraries, dens, bedrooms, sunrooms, parlors, 3 or 4 season rooms, recreation rooms, fitness rooms, closets, hallways, laundry and similar areas. (2014 NEC 210.12, A) 

  9. Laundry areas require all outlets to be GFCI protected. (2014 NEC 210.8, A, 10)

  10. Attached garages must have 1 outlet per parking bay and be on a separate circuit. (NEC 210.52, G, 1)

  11. Garage floors may slope towards the overhead doors, (309.1) have floor drains that discharge directly to daylight more than 10 feet from the property lines (City Policy) or be connected to the central sewerage system through an approved oil separator. (Acceptable alternative designs)

  12. A permanent certificate indicating the insulation and energy values shall be located in the vicinity of the mechanical equipment area. (IECC R401.3)

  13. Use of CJ-CSST as part of the gas piping system requires that the system be bonded with a clamp and number 6 copper or equivalent. This bond connection may be in any location on the gas pipe system. (G2411.1.1)

  14. Electric transformers will be set 13.5’ to 14.5 feet behind and 10”- 12” above the back of curb. Grade at lot corners shown must match the grade shown on the subdivision construction plans so electrical equipment can be set. If grade cannot be set as shown on the construction drawings, Eldridge Utilities must be notified at 563-285-4841.

  15. Permits are required for the installation of backflow prevention devices. Backflow prevention devices must be located inside an enclosure meeting the requirements of ASSE 1060 and must be certified annually and prior to final occupancy. (Iowa Plumbing Code 603.4.7)

Please contact me with questions or comments regarding this review- and have a GREAT day here in Eldridge, Iowa!

Raymond Nees, CFM, CBO, MCP

Building Official, City of Eldridge, Iowa


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