Snow Emergency Rules

In the event of a snow emergency (defined as 2” or more snow, or when caused by drifting or when defined by the Chief of Police), certain rules go into effect in the City of Eldridge:

Parking on all city streets becomes prohibited.

Snow emergency parking will be provided by the City. Locations of snow emergency parking lots are as follows:

N. Third Street and Franklin Street (Municipal Parking Lot)

N. Fifth Street and LeClaire Road (Faith Lutheran Church)

S. Second Street and Spring Street (United Methodist Church)

N. Sixth Street and Donahue Street at the Water Treatment Plant

North Scott Junior High School south side parking lot

400 Block of N. Third Street (west side of Centennial Park)

400 Block of N. Fourth Street (east side of Centennial Park)

Cornerstone Baptist Church parking lot (775 E. LeClaire Rd).

Parking is prohibited on all streets bounded by North First Street, Donahue Street, North Third Street and LeClaire Road during a snow emergency.

It is each property owner’s responsibility to clear the sidewalks on their property. Any ice or snow left for 36 hours shall be removed by the City at the owner’s expense.

The discharge of snow and ice onto city streets is prohibited. Snow and ice must be stored on your own property.

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